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Streamline Your Kitchen

When you’re busy in the kitchen, every second away from the grill to help a walkup customer is revenue wasted. Let the BFT team bring the customers to you & be your virtual cashier so you can focus on what you do best...making delicious food.

Set Your Marketing to Auto-Pilot

BFT sends thousands of emails daily to subscribers with your full pictured menu and the option to order online directly through our platform. Before you even arrive at a location, customers will already know you’re coming. BFT also rewards loyal customers with discount coupons that we pay for.

Get to Know Your Customers

Repeat customers are a key element for growing your business. Every time you swipe a credit card for a walk-up order, you’re missing the opportunity to capture that customer’s contact information. With every online order, BFT collects their contact info, stays engaged for you and provides them with tools to leave feedback, rate your food and build a relationship.

Success Is In The Benefits


Every customer you serve becomes a subscriber to a location. Subscribers are informed every time a food truck is booked at their location. No more having to tell the location administrator that you’re coming.


The BFT platform allows customers to pay with Credit Cards, Apple Pay & Google Pay. More options, means more customers.


Owning a successful food truck doesn’t come without caring about your customers’ wants and needs. For that reason, let us be your support team. With every online order we have a dedicated support representative monitoring every transaction, answering calls, texts and emails on your behalf. We got your back!

The Proof Is In The Statistics

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