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If you've been on a set where the catering is substandard or served untimely, not only can it destroy the morale on set across crew and cast, but food delays can also put your crew into a penalty and help balloon production costs unnecessarily. Quit taking gambles on amateurs and go with the industry leader in mobile food vendor logistics; Best Food Trucks. BFT offers great local food trucks for on location catering, and bring the hottest food truck in town for a seamless eating experience!
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Best Catering Expertise

By managing food truck daily life from event booking, to online ordering and catering we have cultivated an intimate relationship with great vendors throughout the country and know exactly which truck(s) will suit your needs, from a small neighborhood party to massive corporate events.


Food Trucks for On-Location Catering

While it may seem counterintuitive to lead with the negatives, modern movie sets live and die by how well they can adjust to adversity and things going wrong. And of all the number of things that can go wrong, catering is the one that can not only destroy set morale but can cause significant and avoidable production delays, significantly increasing what is already an expensive budget. But don't worry, Best Food Trucks can get you sorted with its affordable food truck on location catering services. So, why not ensure your cast and crew are blown away with the best food truck on location catering by Best Food Trucks. You can rest easy knowing that the food trucks that you select are already pros at this exact kind of service as they regularly serve hundreds of people every day in all varieties of locations, are already combat-tested and widely reviewed online, and can handle the most traditional to the most unorthodox production setting you can conjure up, including ones with round-the-clock shooting. Plain and simple, you can lock down an incredible food experience for your production with no work by you, as we handle everything from start to finish. You've got more important things to worry about; let Best Food Trucks help you make your movie a reality and an experience that the cast and crew forever rave about!

On Location Catering catering

Supporting Small Businesses

In addition to being the best choice to serve your cast and crew, food truck catering is also a great way to support local businesses. When you hire a food truck, you're not only getting great food and showing your appreciation for your cast and crew, but you're also helping to boost the local economy, of which you're a healthy part. Food trucks are owned and operated by solo entrepreneurs and small family businesses. They are also an excellent option for eco-friendly catering, use less energy than traditional catering methods, generate less waste, and are easily movable for optimum positioning. When you choose a food truck for your catering needs, you're not only getting great food items, but you're also doing your part to help the environment as well as helping small business owners!

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Our features

Streamlined Requests

With our quick and simple online catering form, you can request food trucks for your next event in a matter of minutes, specifying your guest count, budget and dates.

Choose Your Favorites

After you submit a catering request to us, our team will check availability for you and send over a list of amazing food truck menus to browse through (try not to drool).

Simplified Payments

Once you've decided on which truck you'd like to book, confirming them is as easy as clicking a button. All payments are handled securely on our website for ease of booking.


If your meal time is limited, our staff will work with you to coordinate an online pre-order system where meals are predetermined and handed out hot during service.

Support Team

Our dedicated support team will be with you every step of the way from planning to organizing to grubbing your little heart out. With every event you'll have a dedicated member of our team available in case anything should arise.

Corporate Portal

With customizable features, executives can set up their own account, add a credit card and let their employees order as they want from the food truck or set spending limits.

They talk about us

4.64 (123,883 reviews)

Melissa K.

29 May 2023

The food was delicious and the truck owners were very hospitable to everyone who visited. :)

Brandi G.

26 May 2023

It was fresh and prepared beautifully. The sauces were delicious. I have never had Peruvian food and I will definitely be back

Nicole S.

26 May 2023

Great tasting meals and pleasant owners. We highly recommend them and would use it again.

Andrea K.

26 May 2023

The Heat burger was DELICIOUS. The jalapeños were fresh and crisp and the pepper sauce was just right! Onion rings were crispy. Great portions!

Jed B.

26 May 2023

The flavors were phenomenal! Someone clearly knows how to cook. And the portions were very generous and all ingredients were fresh. Would absolutely order from this truck again. Nice work Rolling Recipe!!

Toi D.

26 May 2023

. Oh goodness, my destination was only 10 minutes from the truck and I had already eaten half of my food before I got to it🫣.

Lauren D.

26 May 2023

The food was great! Cinnabon is always a winner! However, would be nice to have a pre-order pick up line since it was advertised to "save time" by ordering ahead and the wait was the same.

Alicia R.

25 May 2023

Food was fresh, flavorful, cooked well, good even though I picked it up a little late and it was slightly cold. Very good food.

Reynard B.

25 May 2023

I ordered the Cuban burrito bowl and it was fantastic. Everything was very flavorful and prepared to perfection. Definitely will be getting this again

Elizabeth R.

25 May 2023

Crispy Brussels were on point. Nashville hot po boy was delish with a good amount of heat. 10/10, would recommend.

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