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Catered events are typically 2-3 hours of service. We recommend increasing your minimum budget total if you’re looking for longer service times.

Specific trucks names, types of cuisine, dietary needs, etc.

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Dear Valued Customer,

Please note that you do not need to fill out multiple catering requests for a single event. All food trucks in your region will receive this request and will have a chance to submit proposals.

Also, before proceeding, please understand that although we absolutely love what we do, contacting and collecting proposals from food trucks for different events all over the country takes time from both our staff and the vendors themselves. Kindly take that into consideration when clicking one of the buttons below.

If you're just looking for average catering costs or a short list of food trucks in your area and not certain you'd like to book at this point, then please click "Request a quote". Otherwise, click "Ready to book" and we'll send you formal proposals ASAP!

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