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You've done the hard work spending your invaluable time conducting extensive and effective research, so that's why you're here at Best Food Trucks, your Best Partner to assist you in any and all facets of renting the exact food truck you want for your event!

Best Food Trucks: The Industry Leader In Food Truck CATERING, Rentals, & Event Booking

As the industry leader in all facets of food truck logistics, alongside the regulatory and legal expertise of our partners in the National Food Truck Association, helping people engage with food trucks across all potential avenues is what we do. With collectively over 25+ years in the food truck game working with over 20K individual food trucks, we have helped facilitate hundreds of thousands of food truck interactions and impressions across not just the United States but the world. Our competence is unrivaled in the industry as it's not just about quantity at Best Food Trucks, it's about quality, and it's that kind of mastery of every facet of the food truck industry—from consumer to provider to regulator to legislator—that has facilitated such widespread success and experience.

Perfect Your Event by Renting a Best Food Truck

Applying for catering opportunities is fast and easy through BFT. However, booking those events takes a little more time and effort. You can quickly and easily look at all your opportunities in your catering dashboard. The three biggest factors to booking food catering trucks for parties and other events through BFT are:

  • Great Pictures
  • Great Descriptions
  • Speed of Application

Great Pictures: Insta-Worthy Event Catering With Food Trucks

The average Instagram poster can take great pictures of their dinner, so you must be able to do the same or better. Great-looking pictires should focus on the food, have great lighting, and be clear. Maravilla Latin Cuisine has done a fantastic job taking great pics.

Great Descriptions: Surprise And Delight Customers With Your Delectable Food Truck Menu

Great descriptions of your food are a must if you want to book great catering events consistently. Menus of food catering trucks that say "choose a protein" or just list their menu items will not book many catering events. People are looking for descriptive language. Use descriptive adjectives to make the ingredients of your dish sound even better. For example, don't just say "tomatoes"; say "fresh tomatoes." Use other adjectives like "homemade," "freshly baked," "crispy," and "hand-cut." Your job is to describe your amazing food truck menu in a way that excites customers.

Speed Of Application: Cater To Consumers' Demands With Our Accelerated Food Truck Booking App

Most of the customers using BFT to book a food truck, want quick results. Even if their event is three months from now, they want to lock in their food options quickly so they can move on to other things. Once BFT receives five to seven submissions, we send those to the client. Clients typically choose one of the first five to seven submissions, even when others are submitted later. So, get your food truck menu on our food truck booking app as soon as possible to increase your chances of being hired for an event near you.

Applying For A Catering Event - How To Book More Food Truck Catering Events For Your Food Truck Using BFT?

We're excited to launch the BFT Point of Sale.

  • The Best Food Trucks Point of Sale was created to work seamlessly with our BFT online ordering system. Once activated, the POS will appear on the BFT app.
  • Having all of your orders on one screen will simplify the process of managing walk ups and online orders. Currently, only online customers are alerted via email when a truck is scheduled at one of our locations. With our new POS, we’ll also alert walk up customers that share their phone number or email for notifications. People are incentivized to share their phone number so they can be alerted when their food is ready.
  • Our introductory POS processing fee is 2.5% + .05 (for the first 6 months then 2.6% + .05). We have also built in incentives for POS use. If you do $300 in credit card payments, you’ll receive a $3 credit towards booking dates.
  • If you refer a food truck to the POS you'll receive $100 through Stripe after they hit $2,000 in credit card payments through the BFT POS. 


If you’re interested in using our POS reach out to [email protected] and please let us know what address to send the credit card reader (free) to and when you’d like to start.  If you're already using our POS and want to be a BFT ambassador to generate revenue for yourself, please email [email protected] . It's easy to connect the credit card reader and get started:

Beach Eats - Where Food and Fun Unites!

Fun and vibrant, Marina Del Rey is known for its outdoor events. From fun activities to the best food trucks in LA County serving up gourmet grubs, Marina Del Rey has it all. Beach Eats is another such weekly food truck event at Marina Beach more commonly known as Mother’s Beach. The event happens every week on summer Thursdays from 5 to 9pm, May through October. So, whether you’re a local or new in town, if you’re looking for fun things to do around Marina, we have good news. Beach Eats is coming back to Marina Del Rey soon. So put on your stretchy pants, don your napkins and head out to Beach Eats!

Calling all LA County Food Trucks: Beach Eats is coming back soon

BFT is bringing back LA County fair food trucks to the Beach Eats in Marina Del Rey

Beach Eats is entering the 12th year and it's going to be better than ever! Food Trucks always have great shifts here. If you're a food truck in LA county, you'll need the LA County Business License. 

Everyone scheduled for Beach Eats or any County Event, and those who would like to book Beach Eats must get a LA County food truck inspection and have a COUNTY Business License. This is not the LA County Health Permit, It's not a City of LA business license and it's not the LA Tax Cert, since it comes under all the LA County food trucks requirements.

The LA County Business License can be obtained at  225 N. Hill Street Los Angeles, CA 90012, INFO -Toll-Free No.: (888) 807-2111 Email: [email protected] (under business license)

What To Expect At The Beach Eats Festival?

No one knows how to celebrate food better than us Americans. Whether your favorite food is a simple grilled cheese sandwich or a gourmet style lobster, Beach Eats celebrates it in a big way. Wondering what to expect at Beach Eats? 

  • From American classic to Asian-fusion, Beach Eats has it all. It's a full-on food truck fare!
  • You can have a picnic by the beach. Roll out that blank and enjoy your food by the waves.
  • You can even bring your fur friends. Dogs are welcome at the Beach Eats festival.
Beach Eats in Coming Back to Marina Del Rey

Have you ever been to a festival with food trucks and wondered, “How on earth is my burger, fries and a drink over $20?” Answer: it is not the food truck. Event organizers are now charging up to 40% of a food truck’s gross sales to participate in their event. Participation fees for food trucks catering at parties used to be 10%.

Food truck rental for parties, like many restaurants, operates on very small margins. After catering for parties, the food truck owner pays for food, employees, food truck and commissary rent, propane, gas, insurance and incidentals; they're typically left with about 10-15% profit. Well attended events with big sales numbers will increase the margins a bit, but not enough to justify a 40% fee. So what happens? Food trucks must pass along a portion of the participation fee to the customer so they don’t lose money on every order. The public, understandably, sees these higher prices and mistakenly assumes the food truck is taking advantage of the customer’s attendance. We’ve seen terrible Yelp reviews that start off with: “I used to like this truck, but then they overcharged me at an event and now I won’t go back…”

Reducing A Truckload of Trouble for Food Truck Owners

Customers who are already paying the high costs for a ticket shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant prices for a food truck meal while enjoying an event. Food trucks for festivals provide a great outdoor service. The eclectic food options and the ability to serve anywhere makes them the perfect choice for large scale events. But the food truck industry is successful because food trucks bring great meals to the public at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, when food truck owners are forced to pay 40% to be part of an event they have to raise their prices to a level that most food truck owners find unacceptable. The question I hear most often is, “why don’t food truck owners just skip the high fee events?” Food trucks have to get out and do business. They can’t pass up events, especially in the areas that have a short season. Food truck owners have to get while the getting is good. They would most definitely prefer to offer food trucks  catering for special events and charge their normal prices.

So what can the public do? If you find food trucks catering for festivals, why not try asking the organizers via social media how much they’re charging food trucks to attend? Currently, organizers aren’t blamed for the high cost of food because it’s not clear how much they’re charging the trucks. Instead, the blame for high prices falls directly on the food truck owners. If the public joined with food truck owners and demanded that organizers lower their fees, food trucks could charge their normal (or close to normal) prices. Let’s bring down the price for food this upcoming event season.

Outsource Your Catering Needs Today!

BFT is your best choice to find yourself the perfect rental party food truck for all your catering needs, whether you're interested in booking food trucks for your special events or you're searching for a food truck to come to your office or neighborhood every week. Give us a ring right now and we'll have you set up with one of our finest mobile eateries.

The $25 Food Truck Meal.

People are finally returning to the office, but many will continue to work remotely from home.  Decisions on how to adapt in this post-Covid world will be a critical factor in the success for food truck operators and brands moving forward.  

Two of the bigger changes that affect both the food trucks and customers might be here to stay.  Despite office buildings slowly filling back up, the demand may be limited with more workers now contributing efforts from home.  With more people working from home, the demand for food trucks has continued to expand out to neighborhoods and large apartment complexes.  We are now witnessing the traditional ways of getting business expand to include virtual world customers looking for food trucks, and food trucks looking to find homebound customers.

Considering how much the industry may change from this point on, the technological bridge becomes even more important.  Luckily these new technological advancements have developed at the perfect time for food truck operators who need to adapt to different ways of attracting business.  Innovative food truck booking and ordering platform companies are now paving the way in connecting operators with clients and vice versa. 

The largest online food truck booking and ordering platform company in the industry,, has a simple goal.  BFT wants to handle the logistics so operators can focus on the food.  BFT assists in everything from lot booking to location management (food trucks at offices and neighborhood) to exclusive order ahead technology and easy to navigate catering events.

How New Tech Services are Making Life Simple for Food Truck Operators

We've got some awesome new features and services for food trucks who use BFT to increase your weekly revenue. If you have further questions, or need help with anything, please email us at [email protected] 


  • Catering. Apply for catering request by going to Catering requests have increased dramatically in 2022. Applying for catering requests takes 10-15 seconds once you have your catering menu set up. Some of the BFT trucks did over $40,000 in catering in 2022. Now you can request a higher budget by clicking “reject" and asking for a budget increase.
  • Minimum Pre-Order Guarantee. Now you can require your customers to hit a pre-order guarantee before confirming your shift. Customers will be able to track orders on the your order page to ensure everyone is ordering. To create a minimum pre-order guarantee shift go to “schedule customer shift” in the BFT app and select "Minimum Guarantee" section.
  • Point of Sale: The Best Food Trucks Point of Sale was created to work seamlessly with our BFT online ordering system. Once activated, the POS will appear on the BFT app.
    • Having all of your orders on one screen will simplify the process of managing walk ups and online orders. Currently, only the online customers are alerted via email when a truck is scheduled at one of our locations, with our new POS, we’ll also alert walk up customers that share their phone number or email for notifications. People are incentivized to share their phone number, so they can be alerted when their food is ready.
    • Our introductory POS processing fee at 2.5% +.05 (for the first 6 months then 2.6% + .05). We have also built in incentives for POS use. If you do $200 in credit card payments, you’ll receive a $5 credit towards booking dates.
    • If you refer a food truck to the POS you'll receive $100 through Stripe after they hit $2,000 in credit card payments through BFT POS.

If you’re interested in using our POS reach out to [email protected] and please let us know where to send the credit card reader (free) and let us know when you’d like to start. 

Get in on the Catering!

BFT is now scheduling food trucks in neighborhoods and offices in Los Angeles County. We know you’re tired of delivery food and the fees! 45 minutes is way too long to wait for a hamburger and fries. Now you can schedule a weekly or daily food truck with freshly made meals straight to your neighborhood or office complex! With online ordering we make ordering simple, safe and easy.

Receive a $50 Meal Credit if you help us successfully launch a food truck program for your neighborhood or office building.

If you'd like to book food trucks directly by using our automated submission form: CLICK HERE to get started. Or if you'd like someone from our team to walk you through the process, please reply to this email or send an email to [email protected] and tell us where you're located and what you'd like food trucks for.

We can't wait to serve you again you soon!

Food Trucks are Coming Back to Office Buildings in 2023

Corporate catering is changing. As people head back to offices (slowly) employers are reexamining how they feed employees. Pre-Pandemic scoop and serve trough-style catering was the accepted way to feed a department quickly and easily. Of course there were always going to be some people left out, vegans, celiac etc, but the majority would get a quick meal and be back to work. The open-trough feeding just seems unsanitary now. Do I really want to touch utensils everyone else has had their hands on? Do I really want the 20 people in front of me breathing, sneezing and coughing on my food before I get in to scoop? Nope! Not after two years of masking up to protect myself against invisible pathogens. 

New feelings about sanitary conditions are why food trucks have become such a desired alternative to the troughs. Employees can now eat made to order meals from an onsite kitchen. Additionally, The Best Food Trucks platform allows employees to put in online orders days before their catered lunch so they’re not rushing to get it done on the day of the meal service. Each employee can put in special instructions to ensure that they get a meal they can eat and enjoy. 

The New Age of Catering

We get it. You’re sick of going to the same three restaurants over and over. Delivery food comes lukewarm at best, meaning say goodbye to crispy french fries, and get used to using words like “soggy” and “stale”. Catering trays where you have little choice, and 25% of that food is likely going into the trash.

That’s where food trucks come in. Neighborhood food truck catering  and the office food trucks are the best possible solutions to bring a professional chef and a fully equipped kitchen delivered right to your house or office. These mobile kitchens offer an eco-friendly catering solution with minimal food waste, and all of your guests are served freshly prepared cuisines of their choosing. No soggy fries. There are no lengthy wait times.


Order Your Food in Advance With BFT & Never Wait In Line Again


Best Food Trucks (BFT) provides an online ordering system for all its mobile office food trucks

so your employees never have to wait in line. Additionally, the employees can pre-order up to three days in advance to ensure that your order will be ready at the office food truck. When the food is ready, a text message is received so they can come grab it fresh. No lines means you can get more work done, relax more, or just enjoy extra time.

This is why we see a lot of offices starting to use food trucks for office lunch a lot more than traditional catering dishes. You get all the convenience of online ordering with the freshest possible food made right outside your doorstep. Unlike traditional catering, food trucks offer a large variety of options on their food truck menus. Serve your guests with sumptuous cuisines with the help of our professional food truck caterers. 

Rely on BFT for a Stress-Free Catering Experience

We take care of the catering so you can focus on what truly matters! Typically, offices and neighborhoods would have to manage the whole catering process themselves, once they are done searching the internet for queries like, “food trucks in my area.” They then have to negotiate minimums, check certifications and licenses, track booking, manage and track payouts, and routing customer feedback to the truck. Sounds fun, right?

BFT does all of this, for FREE. We want to make sure you’re happy with your meal options, so with our unique software approach along with our decade of relationships with food trucks in your area, you won’t have to dread the “Where to find a catering food truck in the neighborhood” question anymore, or browse for “food trucks in my neighborhood”. Contact BFT to book a food truck to your office or neighborhood.

Different Types of Events We Can Cater For

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly catering service to rock your special event, BFT is the way to go! Besides catering for your neighborhood or offices, we can help you with your other celebrations too. Be the best host to your parties with BFT handling all the catering for you. 

To give you an idea, here are a few examples of the types of events you can hire our food trucks for: 

  1. Birthday parties in your garden with refreshments served by our food truck are the most budget-friendly way to give your children the greatest birthday surprise ever.
  2. Graduation parties are worthy of a grand celebration. Gather your friends and family in your garden or on your terrace to indulge in our sizzling grills and grilled cheese sandwiches.
  3. Anniversary surprise for your significant other with the most adorable flowers in the backyard, and let us handle all the catering hassle. We are responsible for all your catering needs.
  4. Ethnic and art festivals to celebrate cultural heritage events and support art events by providing the finest cuisines and a streamlined catering process for your guests.

Let us know if you are interested in trying us out by clicking the link below. We’ll get back to you ASAP and try to help you become your office hero.

How do I book food trucks for my neighborhood or office?